Thursday, 17 November 2011

Map of my heart

Travel will always be one of my first loves. I love the excitement of buying your plane ticket and knowing that the action you have just taken is about to change your life in an unpredictable way. I love imagining how it will feel to be where you are heading, and knowing that, even if you have been many times before, it will be so different and so much more than you expect. I love the rush of take off, smiling nervously at your neighbour, the mystery of what is under your foil wrapped plane food and pretending you feel completely at ease in a metal missile miles above the ocean. I love counting the hours backwards and forwards and trying to imagine what time it is at home, and what time it is where you are going, and how you don't belong in either place high above it all.

I love the first glimpse of a new place, and the excitement that bubbles over as you realize that soon, it will belong to you and your story.  I love the way new languages and accents flow over you and change the way you think about your own language. I love returning to a place you have loved, to people you never stopped loving. I love everything about travel. Even the difficult things. It is all beautiful. So for me, to leave a place I have come to love, is as difficult as leaving a loved one. 

Hi Fi Weddings

In order to keep some connection to the streets I have walked and loved, I try to find  beautiful maps of each place I go to have on display when I return to my home life.


There are many options to displaying maps in your home, whether you are looking for a very big display or an understated glimpse of the places you have loved. Cutting special parts of your map into small shapes to frame is a lovely and subtle idea.

Adorable Life

Was there somewhere that meant a lot to you and your significant other in your travels? Why not use your map at matting for  a photograph of the two of you in that place? It will strengthen the memories you both hold about that special time.

The Wives Book

Large scale maps of entire countries or continents can fuel your desire to travel to a new place and allow you to plan your route while adding quirky charm to your house.

Come Spy With Me

Securing a map with colours in harmony with your home behind glass doors adds interest and extra privacy. 

AMR Design

I love the idea of using maps in your child's room. The colours are not only calming but they provide an opportunity for your child to become familiar with what their world looks like (plus it's never to early to inspire a love of travel).

Super Punch

Soft neutral toned maps can be utilized as beautiful wallpaper in many different rooms  to bring your travels home with you.

AMR Design
Honestly wtf

For the more adventurous travelling souls, large bright maps can add major impact to a room. This one below may work for your teenager's room or a dorm room.


For a calmer approach, choose your favourite map and use it as your accent artwork. Hanging your map over your bed may just help you dream of all of your many adventures and inspire you to get back into that travel agent and purchase your next love affair.

paonote_room 269

Happy travels lovely readers.

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