Monday, 8 October 2012

Dip it!

Add a jolt of colour to your space or breathe new life into a tired piece of furniture by colour dipping it! Dip anything from wooden spoons to stools with this fool proof method of updating and personalising just about anything. Get inspired, dust off your paintbrushes and have a little DIY fun with this easy-peasy project.

Est Magazine via The Style Files

1. Jotun / 2. HGTV

Mobel Pobel

Chairs and stools benefit from a little dipping action, and with just a hint of color, can make an eclectic array of pieces look more cohesive. For a simple tutorial on how to re-create this little dip-dyed stool, {click here}.

Bright Bazaar

This sunny tables cape wouldn't be half as cute without a pastel-hued dip. Once a tired set of vintage chairs, these two beauties are now the life and soul of this room.

1. Wind & Willow Home / 2. House of Earnest
Don't stop at furniture - give your wooden spoons the dipping treatment with your favourite tones, and watch your kitchen bench come alive. I just love these pale pastels against the pale wood.

1. The Sweet Beast / 2. Nina Broberg
An entryway  looks fresh and inviting with this peach side table (Ikea, Svalbo) and slightly dipped legs. Find the tutorial on how it's been done {here}. And these dipped Ikea vases are simple to create. Find out how {here}.

1. Martha Stewart Home / 2. The Marion House Book
Maximise straw baskets with a refreshing dip into crisp white paint, with Martha Stewart's tutorial or get creative and add a few strokes of bold colour to a collection of woven baskets, following this how-to.

Get dipping! I know I will be.