Saturday, 10 September 2011

Re-purpose and Renew ~ shelving ideas

I don't know about you, but storage is something I never seem to have enough of. While browsing the latest Ikea catalog, I saw something that really caught my eye. Can you see it there, on the back wall? A  little chair, simply hung on the wall as a quirky display shelf. It really got me thinking of all the ways things we already have around our home could be re-purposed as shelving.

Here is another example of this same idea. I think some lovely indoor plants placed on the chairs would complete this picture.

Branca Rotelli Has really got this idea down pat. There are several wonderfully re-purposed shelves featured on her lovely blog. These are my favourites.

1. Skateboards
 (genius for a boys room)

2. Wooden boxes
(note the added ingenuity of using bottles to hold your bangles)

3. Hanging bucket 
(great for magazines in the bathroom)

4. re-purposed pipes
(hide your ugly pipes by attaching metal rods and using them as extra shelving)

What about securing old drawers to the wall. Placed beside the front door would make a great place to store keys, sunglasses or letters. (Who doesn't love a place to dump everything in their hands on their way in the front door?)

Stacking wooden boxes (and securing with screws I suggest) makes a lovely and rustic bookshelf.

Here is my interpretation of this concept. I've been storing a dolls house made for me by my father when I was just a little girl for years now.  I have been unable to get rid of it, knowing I will want it for when I have children of my own, but unable to think of a use for it until that time arrives. Using it as an addition to my bookshelf has given it a new lease on life, that allows me to see it every day.
(so much better than being stuck in the shed!)

Have a look around your home, see what might be hiding in plain sight that's just begging to be re-purposed and renewed as some handy extra storage.

Love L

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