Friday, 16 September 2011

My market finds: vintage additions to my eclectic home

Hello readers!

I had a super productive (last) weekend, managing to steal a visit to two of my favourite antique markets, the one in my home town Delft that is on every Saturday throughout the summer, and the one in The Hague, situated on the stunning Lange Voorhout beneath a canopy of trees. I love to stroll alongside the canals in Delft to find quirky trinkets to bring home, but I also love the exclusiveness of The Hague markets, as you know you will find something truly special. I love the crunching sounds my footsteps make on the ground as I stroll from stall to stall. The ground is covered with tiny seashells and I am positive I am the only one who would notice something like that, but it's these small details that I just love about Europe! Without further ado, here is what I found!

I happened to stumble across a stall specialising in authentic vintage posters, magazine covers, postcards and much more. I scored these two La Femme de France magazine covers, dated from 1929. I have a lot of neutral tones in my home and I loved the subtlety of these. I can’t wait to get them framed and hung on the wall behind my bed!

I love the look of vintage and art nouveau posters. They can really spruce up a room and add a quirkiness that you don't get from a painting, and it’s a really inexpensive way to inject a hit of colour to your space. The images below are my inspiration.


Vintage poster featured in Living etc June 2009 via Urban Kaleidoscope

Vintage Mazdafluor poster by Herve Morvan (1957) with a Featherstone chair photograph by Lucy Feagins via Urban Kaleidoscope

I was so inspired by Lauren´s post about the many uses of vintage paper and music sheets, that my eyes lit up when I saw this old music book. There is no cover left so I don’t know when it was published, but it looks pretty old as the sheets have all yellowed with age.

I am collecting old music sheets and paper from now on to achieve a similar look to the image below. I love the idea of using paper from old books and music sheets to make wallpaper! Thanks Lauren for the lovely idea.

I fell in love with this gorgeous vintage tricycle too. I know most of you are thinking “what on earth did you buy that old thing for!” (people have actually said that to me!), but it is an authentic piece which I just had to have. I plan to use it as a decorative item, perhaps on a shelf in a focal point in my living room. It is quite big, so would really make a statement on its own, but surrounded by a few other vintage trinkets, some books and some wild flowers, it could look so preppy and retro. I like items like these which are different and compliment an eclectic or retro space. I have lots of trinkets that I ahve picked up from antique markets over the last few years, so this one will add to the space nicely, I think.

Have a beautiful weekend!

H x

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