Tuesday, 23 August 2011

The Writing's on the Wall

Today I am inspired by the written word. 
I adore books. Old books. New books. Dog eared, tea stained, hard covered and soft books.  
So why not use them in decorating? Have you done this before?
What do you think of book pages as wall paper? Personally I think it's really pretty, but may be best used in smaller spaces. A small bathroom space maybe?

I LOVE this lampshade idea. The soft light created by the slightly yellowing pages is particularly nice.

This little painting over pages, ledgers and music paper is  lovely and would be a simple way to incorporate the written word into your home in small doses.

*source unknown (please message me if you know and I will credit accordingly)

Why not make use of these great free printable music sheets 

or these pretty printable ledgers

I hope you can all have some fun with these lovely ideas. 
I know I will,


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