Friday, 19 August 2011

A cup of loveliness...

Hello readers!

Here in the Netherlands, the autumn is fast approaching. The evenings are getting chillier as the summer fades away for another year. For me, nothing says cosy more than a steaming cup of tea, and all the better when served in a gorgeous teacup! As I threw on my woolly cardigan, unearthed a pair of socks and clicked the kettle on, the inspiration for my first Love, Thomas blog post came to me. As I am a slave to vintage crockery, and often add a quirky item to my growing collection of vintage teacups from my local antique market, I happen to have acquired a collection of images that I hope you will find as beautiful and inspiring as I have.

Turn your teacup treasures into wall art that is as different as it is darling! Image below from Or stuff some wild flowers into a teacup and let the spring linger a little longer… 

However you choose to use or display your teacup, make sure you don't go by these vintage treasures without snagging a few to take home with!

Love, Holly