Friday, 12 August 2011

Treasure Hunting, from passion to profession

Love, Thomas is the love child of two friends, Holly and Lauren. Though separated by a zillion miles across the Indian Ocean, we share a passion for all things interior related. We have spent endless hours over Skype trawling the internet for inspiration purely for the fun of it. On the very rare occasions that we find ourselves not only in the same country, but at the same coffee table, we scour magazines and each other’s inspiration boards over cups of tea and giggles. What we have realised is that we are so similar in our love for interiors, that the logical next step was to start a blog. We look forward to sharing with you our personal projects and inspirational finds, delighted that our treasure hunting is evolving from passion to profession. Holly will write from the quaint little town of Delft, the Netherlands, and Lauren will write from the hilly suburb of Red Hill in Brisbane, Australia.  Together, we hope that you find inspiration in what inspires us. 

 Love interiors. Love life. Love, Thomas.


  1. Hello Holly and Lauren, your blog is lovely. So full of ideas and inspiration. I am glad you came to visit. I am now your newest follower. You should tell us a little bit more about where each of you live, as that is what makes you different. Lots of love, Linda x

  2. Hi Linda,
    thank you so much for being our newest follower. quite an honor. And thank you for your suggestions, we love to hear back from fellow bloggers. We will both put some more thought into this side of things. Love Holly and Lauren