Sunday, 14 August 2011

Vintage Inspiration

Hello love, Thomas readers. Welcome!!

I'm on the other side of another warm and wonderful winter weekend (is it too early for alliteration?) and wanted to share with you the lovely things I swooned over in my (never ending) search for beautiful things to fill my home with.

Just around the corner from my house, in the leafy suburb of Paddington Brisbane, is  the Paddington Antique Center. It is one of my favourite places to spend a Saturday morning, or afternoon, or Sunday morning, or afternoon, or any day of the week come to think of it- any way, I digress.

This Saturday just past, I got the chance to pour over it's warehouse proportions, full to the brim of antique, vintage and retro goods in search of decorating inspiration. Well, I can assure you I was inspired. (note: I hope you can use a bit of your imagination here to make up for my grainy iphone photos)

This amazing old moonshine bottle caught my eye almost as soon as I walked through the door. I can think of so many places I'd love to put this. I love this idea below of a collection on top of a great sturdy cupboard (no one wants this falling on their head no matter how pretty it is!).

I have no idea how exactly I would incorporate this collection of boxes below into a room, but it reminded me so much of that great room in Harry Potter with all the wands that I had to take a picture to mull it over. 

I'll find a way (and a reason) to have this in my house one day. That is unless I'm thwarted by a partner with some degree of logic or common sense to his decorating. 

Finally, I've decided after seeing this amazing phone, (and remembering we had a bright yellow one just like this in my house growing up), that I will find one for my house just like it someday soon (hopefully more reasonably priced that this one!) by the way, does anyone know if these things still work as phones?

All in all a great Saturday morning. Hope your weekends were equally inspirational.

Love, Lauren

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