Thursday, 19 January 2012

11 Rules for Creating a Home Library

Via Where Is The Cool

1.  Draw inspiration from as many wonderful old and ornate libraries as possible.

via head strong foolish girl
via head strong foolish girl

2. Go big! Centre your room around your books. Line your walls with the covers all of the greats (and some of the ones only you would deem great). 

*Note: A fireplace will enhance the old world feel.

Via Tudorks

3. If you have bookshelves reaching to your ceiling, add a chandelier or statement light to draw the eye upward and to meet all your sparkly lighting needs. 

Via Apartment Therapy

4. If you are lucky enough to have a spare closet lying around, take off the doors, line with shelving and fill it with all your pretty paper backs. 
*Note: for extra charm add a distressed wooden ladder for reaching top levels.

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5. Make sure you add a comfortable couch nearby so once you find the book you are searching for you don't have to take your eyes off the words while you find a soft place to collapse.

Via Splendid Williow
Via Interiors Addict

6. Or better still, keep your favourite reads on the couch itself for easy access.
*Note: A throw blanket here essential for all reading under a blanket cravings.

via West Elm

7. To assist in quick retrieval of the book you are aching to read - make sure you alphabetise.
Typo have a great range of metal and wooden letters perfect for this task.

Via Oh Lucia

8. For those with more time (or money) at their disposal - get creative!!

Via Creative Fan

9. For those short on space but tall on book collections - go narrow and go up!

Via Design Within Reach

10. For those who can't bear to be separated from their books long enough to replace them in their rightful place - the floor is an acceptable substitute...

Via A Minute of Perfection is the staircase.

Via We Heart It

11. Finally (and most importantly) remember to start your children's love of books early with their own library. Narrow shelving allows for books to be displayed face up.
*Note: ladders are not encouraged here for all those wishing to avoid bedtime ER trips.

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Happy library creation dear readers.



  1. I would add a flashlight to the childrens library for those late night reading sessions that aren't allowed by must be done.

  2. Very good point. Of course, if you add a flashlight, you must also add a cubby house - late night reading sessions by flashlight just aren't the same without a cubby house.e.g.

    Thanks for your feedback Amanda,


  3. Love how a pile of books can make such a statement!
    x kat

  4. I agree Kat. Thanks for your input. Just checked out your blog ~ Love!