Friday, 27 January 2012

Elegant art: The beautiful works of Casper Faassen

I am a huge fan of the concept of renting art. I think it’s a fabulous way to introduce art in your home, without having to save your pennies for it before being able to really enjoy the piece you love. I have several friends who rent art, and they all have great pieces in their homes, which they pay for in monthly instalments.

The wall behind our couch is just begging for beautiful piece of art. Sadly, art is about the last item on our list of priorities, but since learning out renting art, I have actively started looking around for inspiration. There are so many styles to choose from and endless amazing artists to discover. My search has uncovered a fabulous Dutch artist called Casper Faassen. His works are elegant, understated and bursting with emotion.

Simply put, I NEED to have this piece of art in my home. Yesterday, if possible. How poised and lovely she is. The thing I love about this piece is the simplicity of the lines, but also the emotions that are so clearly evident. I also love the subtle texture the artsist has incorporated. 

A friend of mine has a Casper Faassen piece in her home. She once said about her piece, also a silhouette of a woman, “it’s so multifaceted. You never quite know what she’s thinking. She has something very melancholic about her. You can keep looking at it and discover something every time... it’s a little bit like looking at a fire - you can just look at it to enjoy looking at it.”

I couldn't agree more. 

While I think Faassen's best works are the sihouette's he paints of women, he does so much more. I love this piece's bold lines and stronger colours. This lady's got attitude.

This is another of my personal favourites. I adore the soft charcoal and gray colours. 

Happy weekend, readers. I hope yours is as inspiring as mine is going to be. After writing this, I think I might just go and view some art galleries.

Love, Holly

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