Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Artful Clusters

The right artwork can transform a mediocre room into a statement quicker than you can say "straighten that picture", but in this age of choice overload how is one person supposed to decide on the right artwork for one's space. Well, maybe you don't have to - why not consider the growing trend of artwork clusters.

Via House of Bliss

Want a great way to display your unframed prints and posters? You could always raid your closet and re-purpose your pants and skirt hangers.

Via Miss Indie Desgins

Prefer a more orderly look? Pair artworks of the same size and artist together.

Via Miss Indie Designs
Via Milk and Honey

Prefer asymmetry? Scrap the last advice and pair your favourite pieces together in any old fashion. The effect is more appealing than you might first think. Keeping to a limited colour palate can help with cohesion.

Via Milk and Honey
Via Luxury D3sign

Now with all that inspiration, you may be feeling your art supply is a little lacking. Fret not, check out the divine prints over at Eye Poetry like these,

or the quirky free printable artworks over at Feed Your Soul.

If all else fails, go and get those digital photos from your last vacation printed finally and give them a home outside of your hard drive. 

Get clustering and indulge your artistic side.
Love, Lauren

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  1. I do agree with you, particularly with smaller frames, they look better en masse. Love Linda x