Sunday, 23 October 2011

Unlikely vases

I adore fresh flowers. As a child I would sneak into the garden and pluck the prettiest blooms I could see and then run to my Mum with a grin from ear to ear as I thrust the freshly picked bunch at her, knowing that we would be able to marvel at the beauty of our garden from inside for days to come.

As a big girl, I am equally as fond of fresh flowers as I was back then, and living in the Netherlands feeds that simple pleasure. The flowers here are amazing and so cheap! I buy a bunch on a weekly basis, and always enjoy arranging them into vases, and particularly enjoy discovering unlikely homes for my blooms…

Via Love Made Me Do It

 Here in the Netherlands, cherry blossoms in full bloom mark the start of the spring. I just adore a stem of these glorious pink blossoms, but am always at a loss as to how to house them as the branches can be quite heavy. The use of a pair if gum boots is ingenious! 

Style me Pretty

Using a battered old tin to hold a bouquet of flowers with similar hues to the tin is creative and very pretty with a vintage touch.

Jessica Laurenxo via The Littlest Things
A newer tin (previously a tin of cookies perhaps?) makes just as pretty a statement, especially when using flowers that compliment the colours on the tin. This would look lovely on a bedside table, or on a breakfast table setting in the garden.

Via Pinterest

I love the use of these hanging upside-down repurposed light bulbs to hold a couple of dainty stems.

Via La Gatta Sul Tetto

These sturdier hanging glass jars make the perfect home for a heavier bunch of blooms.

This dainty little hanging vase was cleverly created using a vintage glass bottle and some wire. So simple!

Holly Marder

In my first ever blog post I was inspired by vintage teacups. After writing the post, I arranged a collection of flowers from my garden in one of my own vintage teacups and was delighted with the result!

Trisha Bink Design

Ordinary glass jam or honey jars make excellent vases, and recycling is good for the environment too.

Matthew Topolski via Here Comes the Sun

These vintage soda bottles make excellent vases to hold long stems, especially when grouped together like this.

Dottie Angel via Domestic Nest Diary

This vase was created using a soda can. These days, packaging of products has become so important, and for good reason. When something is attractively packaged, the desire to recycle is so much greater.

Recycling pretty cans and bottles is a great way to store your blossoms. I do the same with the pretty glass Arizona Ice Tea Bottles below and they add a touch of colour and a vintage charm to my kitchen window sill.

From Greenwich via Pinterest

I love in the image above the use of a milk jug as a vase to hold a small bunch of garden blooms. It adds perfectly to a country style breakfast setting.

Enjoy finding creative ways to show off your beautiful blooms!
Love, Holly