Wednesday, 12 October 2011

"Let's Build A Cubby House"

Was my most frequent sentence as a child. My darling mother always obliged with well placed sheets strung between tables and chairs and filled with cushions and toddler fodder like milk and biscuits. So it is no surprise to me (or likely to her) that I continue to have a cubby house obsession 20 something years on. 

I would have had a squealing fit as a 3 year old to see these wonderful  permanent hidey holes.

And to be perfectly honest, I find myself having to control the urge to squeal even now when looking at these beautiful adult nooks.

I especially love the idea of converting your outdoor shed or greenhouse before hubby can get his greasy lawnmower hands on it.

These delightful constructions will make a sanctuary in any room, but if these ideas are still a little ambitious for your design skills, then you could always start with something a little simpler and a little reminiscent of your (or at least my) childhood.

Happy hiding darlings,


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