Thursday, 20 December 2012

Blogging Your Way Part Four: Style and Shoot

Day two, Hannover, Germany. The snow fell as 17 inspired bloggers set to work on a styling and photography assignment during the Blogging Your Way Studio workshop with Holly Becker and Steffi Luxat at Holly’s home studio. It’s been almost two weeks since this event took place, and I have highlighted various aspects of it in previous posts, but I didn’t want the experience to go by completely without sharing this last batch of images. I really had the best time ever, mostly because I realised I wasn’t the only one who thought it was perfectly normal to take 72 photographs of a snowflake decoration! 

Our main assignment for the day was to style and photograph a vignette. We were allowed (an pretty much ordered!) to take Holly’s home apart as we searched for items we would like to style into a vignette and shoot. You should have seen it. It was like a bunch of kids on an Easter hunt! So I set about pulling together some items that for me told a story. The first thing I grabbed was a beautiful embroidered flower on cardboard, which was given to Holly by the talented Sania Pell, stylist, designer and author of The Handmade Home. I instantly fell in love with the simplicity of the artwork, and knew that it would form the inspiration for this styling assignment. 

Like everybody else in the group, I was in awe of Holly’s huge collection of washi tape, threads and fabrics. Her studio is an absolute dream to the crafter's among us. 

I added various bits and pieces from around Holly’s home to create a soothing vignette of soft grey, blue and ochre, and drawing upon texture as a common theme. I wanted to tie together the colors and textures of the artwork, so included fabrics and trimmings that would add pattern and highlight the soft color palette. Lastly, I threw in a tall wooden spool that I purchased the day prior on a shopping trip. (Actually, we were finished shopping and were enjoying the most delicious sweet treats made by Niner Bakes, when I spotted this little treasure in the homewards part of the cafe.)

This was such a fun exercise to do and has inspired me to put more time into styling and shooting my own vignettes, because the results are so soothing and lovely to see.

Have a wonderful weekend! I am sure you will be busy rushing around for the last of your Christmas presents like me!

Love, Holly

* All photographs by Holly Marder


  1. Holly, your photos and styling are AMAZING! I remembered watching you at work, I knew it was going to turn out a treat. I can see a new profession here - stylist extroadinaire! They are beautiful! Wishing you a fantastic Christmas and New year :) x

  2. Very beautiful colors, Holly, they are just perfect for your actual blog overall look! Even there was almost no day light anymore, you just captured it very nicely! The last pic is my favorite!

  3. Very beautiful pictures, Holly. Beautiful styling, I am in love with your work:).