Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Blogging Your Way Part One: Studio Impressions

This past weekend was spent in absolute heaven, with lovely Holly Becker of Decor8 at her home in Hannover for the Blogging Your Way Studio. Along with Steffi Luxat of Ohhh Mhhh, Holly gave 16 blogger students the weekend of a lifetime, shooting, blog critiquing, shopping, styling and eating amazing food. I met so many talented women, and came back refreshed and energized and ready to tackle an exciting future with my business and blog! I thought I would share with you some impressions of the weekend. I will do a three part series, because I came home with a billion photographs, and I will need a few blog posts to get through all the amazingness of the weekend!

Holly's home was wonderfully styled and set up for our special weekend. As she operates her business from home, Holly has inspiration filling every corner. You can tell the moment you walk in that she is passionate about decorating. 

Holly's passion for books is just as evident as her love for styling and decorating, because there are books everywhere, stacked on shelves, displayed on tables and piled high in corners on the ground. I could have stood in front of this bookcase all weekend browsing her amazing collection. One of the tasks we were set prior to the weekend was to put together a mood board of our blog. Holly and Steffi displayed all of our moodboards so that we could all be inspired by each other. There is mine, right in the middle!

Holly's studio was beautifully set up for her enthusiastic students with goodie bags filled with gifts for us from her sponsors. From books, including Holly's brand new Decorate Workshop, to notebooks, stationary, trinkets and pretty treasures, it was a sight to behold.

Over the weekend, we were assigned a 'partner in crime' who we would work with throughout the workshop. My partner in crime was the delightful Inga from the blog Glomery Lane. On the last day one of the other bloggers, the charming Rincy of A Little Bird,  came up with the idea of doing a photo booth. So Holly brought out a bunch of fun hats for us to wear and we all posed like goddesses in front of Holly's immensely talented photographer husband, Thorsten Becker. As you can see, I was having a little too much fun. It must have been the hat...

As you can see, it was all just a great big bundle of fun, hanging out with these talented and creative ladies! 

Should you fancy having a wander and checking out the work of my fellow BYWStudio bloggers, here they are:

Meet me back here tomorrow for the next installment of #BYWStudio. I'll be taking you out onto the streets of Hannover to discover the sights, tastes and textures I was busy soaking up.

Love, Holly

* All images are by me, Holly Marder, except for the last three, which were taken by Thorsten Becker


  1. Had to drop by after your lovely comment on my blog Holly! Thank you :) Wow, sounds like you had an amazing time with the talented Mrs Becker!!

  2. Thank you, Leanda. Yes, it really was the most amazing weekend. My head is spinning with ideas and inspiration. Thanks so much for stopping by. I was pretty pleased with myself for discovering your lovely creative space :)

  3. Such a great home, I just now noticed that Holly's books in the shelf are assorted by color - so many layers of decorating ingeniousness :) Miss you girl!

  4. found your blog through holly's, it sounds like an amazing weekend and i am so envious! i will most certainly be visiting your adorable little space again :)

  5. Thank you for the great post! I can't hardly wait for ther next! :)

  6. Hi Molly and Milk Woman, and welcome to Love, Thomas! Thank you for your sweet words. Better get cracking on part two, because there is loads more pretty to share with you! @Dani I KNOW! She does't miss a beat!

  7. Oh my I really have to go to one of these blogshops! I've been taking peeks at all you awesome ladies's blogs from the 16 and this really does look like it was so much fun!! I might have to take the trip to Germany because it all seems DEFINITELY worth it!=)

    Ergo - Blog

  8. such a lovely post Holly. I'm getting #bywstudio withdrawl syndrome. Was so lovely to meet you. Missing everybody already x

  9. love your post, holly.

    feel so honored to get to know you all... i miss you.

    but hopefully we meet again soo at the IMM cologne. can't wait!


  10. Great post Holly - I love how we all took pictures of different corners and details !!! So much left to discover ! :-) See you soon sweetie !